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Ian Lawton, author of The Book of the Soul and co-author of Giza: The Truth (with Chris Ogilvie-Herald), has announced the fruition of his not-for-profit project, The Little Book of the Soul:

The Little Book of the Soul is now printed and available from www.rspress.org. This is a shorter, more accessible version of The Book of the Soul. It contains more detailed stories of the most interesting near-death, past-life and interlife cases, interspersed with simple summaries and analysis. The main cases covered are George Rodonaia and Pam Reynolds (NDEs investigated by Melvin Morse and Michael Sabom respectively), James Leininger and Swarnlata Mishra (children’s spontaneous past-life memories investigated by ABC News and Ian Stevenson respectively), and Cynthia Henderson and Gwen McDonald (past-life regressions both by Peter Ramster).

Remember that this is a non-profit publication that I am making available at cost. Nevertheless the quality is superb as always from my printers, so it will make a beautiful little Christmas present for just £1 (if you want a reminder of what it’s about please visit www.ianlawton.com/lbosindex.htm).

Sounds like the perfect stocking filler at Xmas time, with a whole family (and then some) covered for just 10 pounds…and it’s soul food as well, rather than disposable junk. Check out Ian’s websites linked above for full details.