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Radio Rennessence have scored a real exclusive, managing to gain an interview with bestselling author Kate Mosse – “the female Dan Brown” (or perhaps Dan Brown is the “male Kate Mosse”!) – in their latest podcast:

The author of the international best seller ‘Labyrinth’, is a respected researcher who brought a refreshingly new atmosphere to medieval and modern Catharism. Like ‘Labyrinth’, her new book ‘Sepulchre’, is set in her adopted home region of the Languedoc. Only this time Mosse’s novel has been greatly inspired by the Rennes-le-Château storyline, and especially Abbé Antoine Gélis’ murder. Has Mosse concealed a revelation in her latest work of fiction? Rennessence sets out to uncover the truth…

Also worth mentioning is that Rennessence team member Corjan de Raaf has also completely overhauled the indispensable Rennes-le-Château Research and Resource website. Corjan notes the new website has “tons of new content and photos…It’s much more user friendly and accessible than it was, items are linked and better navigable [and] all info has been updated with the very latest insights and discoveries.” As he says, “I don’t think you’ll find a more complete inventory of everything Rennes-le-Château.”