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Thought I’d share a few more of the article spreads from our anthology Darklore (Amazon US and Amazon UK), for those interested in what the inside of the book looks like (clicking on images will take you to a larger version). Here’s the graphic for Michael Grosso’s article “The Beatific Vision”, which matches the feel of the title very well I think:

Our spread for Loren Coleman’s piece on the premature demise of Bigfoot took a bit more of a light-hearted view of the topic:

And we got very literal with the graphic layout of the title of Nick Redfern’s contribution, “Who Is Flying the Triangles?”:

I’ll post some more next week, though it’s probably easier if you just buy the paperback (again, Amazon US and Amazon UK) – it’s only $13.95, for 304 pages/18 articles. There certainly seems to be demand for what the anthology is offering, with around 500 copies sold already, which is a great effort for an independently published book available only online – so a massive thanks to all those who have purchased a copy, as you are helping not only the Daily Grail, but all the researchers and writers who contributed to Darklore. Kudos to you!