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The paperback edition of Darklore Volume 1 is now available to purchase from Amazon US and Amazon UK. For your hard-earned $13.95/£8.99, you get 304 pages of Daily Grail fare, from a list of eighteen expert contributors – including Robert Schoch, Loren Coleman, Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, Daniel Pinchbeck, Nick Redfern, Michael Grosso, Adam Gorightly, Michael Prescott, Blair Blake…the list goes on. You’ll find discussions of subjects including the controversy over the age of the Sphinx, ‘Flying Triangle’ sightings from yesteryear, evidence for the afterlife, the strange sounds heard during paranormal experiences, new revelations about the Knights Templar, psychedelic use in ancient Peru, Bigfoot high-strangeness, the Hellfire Society, Roswell hijinks, and much more.

To accompany the paperback release, the Darklore website is also now live, with more details about the anthology – including three free articles from Darklore Volume 1. I’ve added Michael Prescott’s excellent warning about the dark side of the paranormal, Mike Jay’s article on psychedelic use in ancient cultures, and my own research on the strangely similar sounds heard during border phenomena (all in their original format, as PDF files). My thanks to Michael Prescott and Mike Jay for allowing me to share their articles. Remember, there are fifteen other articles of the same quality in the book – so if you only read the freebies you are definitely missing out.

I’ll talk more about this in another post, but I really do urge readers to support this project. Via the publishing model I’m going with, all profits from the sale of the book literally go back to the contributors – and that helps support a bunch of great researchers/writers who constantly offer free material on the ‘net. I’m sure that most TDG readers have got good enough value out of this site over multiple years (let alone UFO Mystic, Cryptomundo, Michael Prescott, etc) to justify the small price of the anthology, considering it is the equivalent of a few coffees at Starbucks, a 20% of a tank of fuel…define it how you will. I urge you to support good writing and research, by supporting Darklore.

Once again, to purchase Darklore Volume 1, head to Amazon US and Amazon UK. And while you’re waiting for delivery, read the free articles available from the Darklore website. I got a kick out of seeing the limited edition outranking The Da Vinci Code for a day on Amazon.com (now there’s a marketing line – “outselling the Da Vinci Code”) – it would be a massive thrill for the whole TDG community if we can get the paperback into the top 1000.