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Weekend Roundup 19-10-2007

A few things to keep you busy over the weekend…


  1. fantabulace selection Greg…
    and as Kathrinn commented earlier, very much appreciated.

    Just a thought, you should through back up that news editor’s book wish list. I think you have desolved the donate button, but then again I missed the “search” button so I could be wrong (AGAIN).

    Basicly, what i’m saying is, this site is very much appreciated by many, i’m sure.

    I would love to shout you a couple of goldy’s, unless you preferr another beer or wine…..;{-

    “Life can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you do what your told.”

  2. skeptical of the channeled Seth material.
    He ought to be too.

    Anyone should be skeptical of any channeled material. Nobody should ever believe that stuff. I am not saying that it should be denied but that it should simply not be believed.

    More so when you consider that the channeler has no means or no information that would allow him to test the source of the materials, identify the source and locate the source to then confront the source.

    In this example brought by Michael Prescott, this whole exercise of describing how thoughts would create so-called pseudo-realities, bypasses the reality behind thoughts altogether in a disinformation effort meant to keep the believer unaware of what thought really is.

    Second, since it is not possible for the channeler to verify the identity of the entity as well as the true nature of the words, any freakin dead out there can connect, take over the expected identity, and say anything it wants people to believe.

    To cut this short, I will state that there is not a single entity out there that will ever give us the time of day. We will have to figure it out by ourselves or believe and be damned to our own reality.

    As for the inclusion of ‘Jane’s unconscious mind’, well what is that thing we call the ‘unconscious’?

    Psychologists and Freudian researchers have put an end to their search within the spheres of the irrational as soon as they came up with this concept of a unconscious self, instead of pushing forward, as if this concept explained anything except to say that man really was not at the helm of the ship, but at the same time suggesting that this unconscious was somehow part of himself as some sort of intimate fabric that fed upon mass memory and archetypes.

    In a sense it is an interesting concept but it does not go nearly far enough as it stops short of giving us the whole picture of what is hidden in this sphere that keeps itself hidden all the while being constantly active, working at conditioning mentalities.

    There is no real division between what we don’t see and what is but the division becomes real as soon as we believe it.

    1. Clueless
      Dear Richard:

      I’m afraid you are quite clueless on this topic, expressing mere personal opinion and/or belief. You shall remain so until or unless you experience this area yourself, either directly or by working with a powerful natural — and likely amateur — medium or channeller. Preconceived notions serve to hinder appreciation or understanding of this area (as well as a great number of other areas).

      Michael Prescott’s comments were based on one of the very first Seth books (The Seth Material); in my response on his blog site I pointed out how Jane Roberts developed her art (channelling is an art, not a science) over time (as evidenced by even the very next book, Seth Speaks); her first clumsy translation (for channelling is also a form of translation) of the concept in question was supplemented by future sessions, greatly improving Seth’s elucidation of that and related concepts.

      (I describe how an experience in 1982 caused me to forget my own rational objections and actually purchase and read a copy of Seth Speaks here.)


      Bill I.

      1. An art is not a science
        You don’t know who I have or am working with or who I am. Who are you to tell a man he is clueless, asking him to put himself under your authority?

        I reinstate what I said and I stand by it.
        An individual will never receive information via channeling that is really useful.

        There is not a single channeler that has had the will to confront an entity and to force it to reveal its real identity. If the channeler did this, he would automatically neutralize the entity and situate himself on the same level. He would therefore not ever put himself in any potential state of inferiority in relation to that intelligence.

        Belief, any belief, is the capitulation of intelligence in face of values that already were imprinted in the mind of the seeker who will always be given forms that conform to his own program, forms that conform to what he is ready for and what is good to perpetuate his condition in a way that is never under his control.

        The refusal to believe in anything forces the individual to know by himself and to arbitrate what reality is. Anything other is a request to accept a form of domination, spiritual or otherwise.

        Spiritual dominations are the most dangerous ones because they convey a sense of superiority supported by an impression of exclusivity, whereas, the dead are no brighter than the living contrarily to what they would have you believe, because they are basically cut off from the planes of life, a consequence of the movement of their hierarchies into another time and of the refusal of these hierarchies to recognize the central cosmic fires as the source of all consciousness. This brought them to want to use the energy of the spirit of man for the creation of their own evolutionary models.

        Belief is the palliative to ignorance and no entity on any plane of reality will ever give anything real to man until that man has achieved dominion over his mentality and over the psychic internet that is the fabric on his multidimensional reality.

        If channeling is not a science then it only serves the affabulations of those who find in it something that already is in agreement with them. Real information shakes the basis of human psychology. It does not and never will agree with the thinking ego. Thoughts are anti light and therefore anti man as they keep him in his ignorance of his source while giving him a direction that palliates his total but temporary lack of real identity.

        This condition is a real problem for the forces that seek to descend and unite with the planetary mind since the risk of destabilization is all too real, proof being the continued need for spirituality that underlines the fact that the mind does not belong to the spirit of man. Did man own his mind, all would be science and there would only be one science. During that time, ignorance seeks favorable answers, answers that always favor his spiritual pudding and that keep him in the powerful clutch of death, effectively making of him a walking dead.

        I do not question Jane’s personal good intentions, this is not the purpose of my words. I do question any entity that comes with so called information, that always contain a color of truth, but that totally fail in giving to man what is required for him to reconquer his reality and know that he is being lied to and always has been lied to and that he will be lied to until he cannot believe not only what comes to him from outside but most especially what comes to him from inside.

        So, to conclude, Seth can go and… do what you know.

  3. seth & channeled material
    I’ve read the Seth books (and many other channeled works) and I don’t care if Jane just made them up or not—I believe they accurately describe our reality–the central tenet being that we experience what we believe (AND we don’t always recognize our beliefs as being “merely” beliefs)

    There is much channeled stuff out there (and on the web)–and some of it does not speak to me at all. My evaluation of this material is mostly subjective but I do find value even if I do take it “with a grain of salt”

    There’s lotsa books about how to channel or work with your guides — after Jane, channeling has become commonplace.

    A few faves from the “classic era” of channeling (early 80’s or so) include: Seth, Kryon, Bashar, Ra, the pleidians, arcturians—–I’ve never cared much for Ramtha though the message is more or less the same.

    I even think there’s some useful stuff in the Urantia book though it should be filtered through the more recent, holographic mindset (even if it is merely speculative fiction)

    1. Urantia
      Urantia is interesting in the sense that it is seated on a galactic memory rather than a planerary memory such as what comes from the dead.

      This said, it is still a limitation to what should have been told although, admitedly, this book was written in a time when already the material it contains were able to start modifying the vibration of spiritual thinking on this planet.

      Still, as anything else, it should not be believed. It is still far too spiritual and this means that it still can create forms for which the reader can grow an interest that will fixate a form via mental imagery that will remain a limit then.

      The problem is always that as soon as one thinks he has reached a truth, that he receives some circumstantial proof, his evolution is halted for the benefit of a certain experiential progress as the form of the concept is used to refine a philosophy of reality instead of going further into the exploration of reality that only a free expression can achieve and that is eventually followed by the support of an etheric body that replaces the astral shell, and eventually going further by the morontialization of consciousness that allows consciousness to re-center itself at any plane his universal source intersects.

      All these things, these channeled materials, can be interesting so long as the reader cannot be influenced by it and know by himself, by vibration, where it is right and where it is not.

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