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Weekend Roundup 05-10-2007

A few things to keep you busy over the weekend…


  1. Extraterrestrial pilots? Let’s be careful!
    I had commented earlier that we have to be very careful about letting our fantasy take over our view of ancient artifacts, objects that come from cultures that had a very different way of viewing the world.

    Sure, it’s interesting to see the depiction of mesoamerican gods wearing what appear to be eye lenses or goggles.

    A beautiful vase of aztec god Tlaloc

    And his mayan counterpart, Chac, which apart of the goggles, was also commonly depicted with a crooked up-turn nose, kind of like the trunk of an elephant!

    Another interesting example here

    We have found that some mayan rulers wore ceremonial rings around their eyes, such as Yax K’uk Mo’ (scroll down the page please), founder of the dinasty in Copal, and Spearthrower Owl, the conqueror of Tikal (interstingly, he may have recived his name for the use of those goggles, that make one look like an owl,mmm).

    These rulers of the maya had actually come from Mexico’s central valley, from the famosuly known city of Teotihuacan, so we could conclude they wore those weird stone lenses as a form of distinction and to let people remember they were from Teotihuacan origin. Of course, as to why they used such weird ornamentations, that link them to the rain gods, we should study more. But when I hear people refer to these as evidence of ancient astronauts… well i don’t know, it just seems too steampunk to me now. We don’t have yet the means to travel to other planets, but our pilots have long lost the need to wear the goggles fashioned by WWI pilots, so why then do we assume that more advanced aliens had the need to wear them?

    Of course, technological civilizations don’t have to have the same level of advancement in all areas of knowledge. The ancient mexicans for instance, made incredible acomplishments in mathematics and astronomy, but in metalurgy and mechanical knowledge they were well behind their european counterparts.

    What we have to avoid is let our cultural background inffluence too much what we interpret when we see an ancient human artifact (and that also should work for archeologists too!). As culturally biased is an archeologist like Hawass who dismisssd any new theory that challenges current orthodoxical canon as hogwash beforehand, as a so-called “researcher” like Von Daniken who goes out and sees ET’s signature everywhere he looks! A moderate middle-ground (as Mr. North always suggest) of caution open-mindedness would be a better approach. It may be bothersome to study both sides of the arguments but nobody said finding the truth was going to be a walk in the park, right? 🙂

    Maybe a more plausible explanation would be that ancient mexican shamans were able to peer into the future, and saw the red baron performing his acrobatics!

    And going back to Spearthrower Owl, I once read a book that claimed these ancient toltec columns were actual representations of giant extraterrestrials wearing their space helmets and their laser weapons at their sides. But there’s an easier explanation for the object these warriors are carrying, an atlatl, which is the nahuatl name for a spear-thrower mechanism that was used all over the world for thousands of years (the cro-magnons could probably use these to hunt big elks or even wooly mammoths). It is a weapon that provides its user with a clear mechanic advantage, and apparently it was one of the secrets of the military success of Teotihuacan and its subsequent expansion to the mayan areas of southern Mexico.

    So once again, I do not refute the possibility that our ancesters may have had some sort of contact with non-human entities. There definitely is a lot we don’t understand about our past, such as for example, the striking simmilarties between the ancient egyptian and mexican cultures; but we have to be very careful with the “evidence” that is presented to support this theory. We have to research both sides of the coin, and not let our pre-conceived fantasies inffluence the facts. Otherwise, we may end up solving every ancient mistery with the easy “oh, it’s probably ET” answer, and that just won’t do.

    It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
    It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

    Red Pill Junkie

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