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Tut, Tut and More Tut

Stories about Tutankhamun abound today, so I thought it would warrant a mention in a standalone news post. Perhaps the biggest news is that Egypt have announced plans to put Tut’s mummy (that is, his semi-preserved body – not his mother) on display in his tomb at the Valley of the Kings:

Zahi Hawass, head of the High Council for Antiquities, said he would place the mummy in a climate-controlled glass showcase in the tomb and cover the body with linen. Tutankhamun’s bare face would be visible.

“You will enter the tomb and see for the first time the face of Tutankhamun … This is the first time in history that anyone will see the mummy (in public). This will continue the magic of Tutankhamun.”

Also in the news is Zahi’s insistence that Tutankhamun “was not black“, and also a new discovery of fruit-filled baskets and sealed jars in a chamber next to the boy-king’s tomb.