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I’ve just added a new documentary to the TDG videos section (which will also be in the front page video box for a few days as well), which is definitely worth a look. The doco, titled Other Worlds, is one I’ve heard a lot about, and so was very keen to see. Directed by Jan Kounen as a companion piece of sorts to his 2004 ‘cowboy-shaman film’ Blueberry (also titled Renegade), the film has real impact because it not only shows the journey into shamanism, but uses plenty of CGI to try and show what the visionary shamanic experience is like (as opposed to many documentaries which simply show the experiencer puking).

Another excellent aspect of Other Worlds is that many experts , researchers, and commentators are interviewed. Included in the documentary are DMT researcher Rick Strassman, psychedelics researcher Charles Grob, and numerous others including Stan Grof, Jeremy Narby, Alex Grey and Pablo Amaringo. For anyone interested in these topics, this is a must watch (although be advised, there are some disturbing scenes for the faint-hearted, such as the killing of a pig, as well as plenty of puking).