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Mirage Men Whispers

One of the most interesting projects ‘in the works’ at the moment, in my opinion, is Mirage Men, a feature length documentary (and book by the sounds of it) on American Intelligence involvement in the UFO scene, produced by Mark Pilkington and John Lundberg. For those in the vicinity of London, make sure you try and make Mark’s talk on the project next Wednesday, November 7th:

Follow Mark Pilkington into a labyrinth of lies as he explains the background to Mirage Men, his forthcoming book and film collaboration with John Lundberg. American intelligence operatives are actively encouraging belief in UFO crashes, pacts with extraterrestrial civilizations, alien abductions, back-engineered flying saucers and secret alien bases on Earth. They have changed the face of popular culture (The X Files, Taken etc) and, whether by accident or design, moulded the consciousness of millions worldwide. So who are the Mirage Men? Just what is it that they are trying to do? Is this a psychological warfare operation that’s got out of hand? Is Mark a government agent? Are you? Discover these and other secrets of the Universe in tonight’s illustrated talk from the editor of Strange Attractor Journal.

Someone sneak a camera in, like the good Daily Grail Intelligence operatives you are, and send me the film…

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