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Mind Before Matter

This one snuck up on me: Mind Before Matter (Amazon US and UK) is a newly released anthology, edited by the late Dr John Mack, Trish Pfeiffer, and with Paul Devereux as associate editor:

Materialism is the dominant worldview in the West today. But it is only one worldview, and it doesn’t completely work, even, ironically, being gradually undermined by the science that gave rise to it. This anthology of essays from significant figures in the world of science and consciousness studies sketches the framework for a new model of reality — one based on the primacy of consciousness rather than of matter. It is a model we will need for survival on this planet. Mind Before Matter represents the first concerted salvo in a debate that could affect the worldview held by the modern, dominant culture.

Contributors to the anthology include Amit Goswami, Bernard Haisch, Michael Grosso and Dean Radin, among others. Sounds pretty good!

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