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I’m pleased to announce that the title of the Daily Grail anthology is Darklore, and it will be a regular journal of exceptional observations, hidden history, the paranormal and esoteric science (all the stuff us Grailers love), by only the best writers and researchers in the alternative field. The book files are in the printer’s hands as we speak, so hopefully it will be available for ordering in a fortnight or so (just in time for Halloween…cue spooky, demented laugh).

For those that would like a sneak peek at how Darklore looks, I’ve uploaded a few sample shots of the essay title pages (double page spread): my essay on the sounds of ‘border phenomena’, Robert Schoch’s Sphinx discussion, and Blair Blake’s incredible Roswell tale. For the other 15, you’ll have to buy the book (okay, maybe I’ll show a few more next week…big softie that I am.) Spread the word…Darklore is coming!