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Just a heads-up that CPAK 2007 is on this weekend in San Diego – if you’re in the vicinity, make sure you get down there to check out the stellar line-up (Hancock, Bauval, West, Schoch etc):

The mission of CPAK 2007 is to investigate the myth, folklore, archaeology and astronomy of ancient cultures with the goal of better understanding our true history. Research shows many ancient societies lived much closer to nature than we do and they had a deep understanding of geometry, astronomy and reverence for the heavens. New evidence indicates that celestially aligned megalithic structures may have a profound agricultural purpose. We should try to understand all we can about these nature based cultures as it appears there might be lost knowledge important to civilization today.

Tickets and additional information are available at the website. Unfortunately, the costs of travel were just too high for me to justify making it over there – I was real keen to do the CPAK/IRVA conference double (which feature a host of my favourite writer/researchers between them). There’s always next year I guess…