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Silbury Hill has been in the news this week, with the media being allowed to look inside the tunnels of the Neolithic man-made mound one last time before they are filled in. The tunnels, from various excavations/treasure-hunting over the past couple of centuries, are causing Silbury Hill to collapse, so archaeologists have been rushing to use them to their advantage before engineers block access to them forever.

The BBC has a short photo gallery available, and The Independent has a story on what archaeologists have learned from their investigations. Probably the best piece though is from Channel 4, who have a story with video on their website, which takes you inside the tunnels. Built around the same time as the Great Pyramid, Silbury Hill is Britain’s equivalent – and with Avebury literally across the road, and Stonehenge a short drive away, it’s a wonderful place to plan a trip to. You can almost feel the history shrouding you when you walk around Wiltshire.