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Binnall of America Season 3

For lovers of podcasts on ufology and the paranormal, you can’t go past Binnall of America audio, which is kicking off its third season this week with Tim Binnall’s interview with Jim Marrs. Tim and his crew have done a great job over the past couple of years interviewing some of the biggest names in the alternative genre, and supplying them free of charge on the BoA website. In the archives you’ll find great interviews with the likes of Brad Steiger, Stanton Friedman, Nick Redfern, Loren Coleman (and even the topical Gary McKinnon), amongst a host of others.

Tim faces the same problem that I and many others do though – in providing these free services, we incur both expenses and a massive drain on our time. So, if you appreciate what BoA does, make sure you take the time to donate via PayPal (the right hand side of the BoA page) and help keep it going.

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