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Bigelow Wired

I know our news briefs sometimes become a flood of information, so every now and then I like to pull the best items out and make a point of letting readers know about them. One such item, mentioned in Rick’s news yesterday, is a long piece from Wired magazine (4 pages) on Robert Bigelow, the founder of both Bigelow Aerospace and the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS).

Bigelow fascinates me – a man who dreamt big as a youngster (not many people aim to push humanity into space, and also solve the mysteries of the paranormal!), amassed a personal fortune and then dedicated those funds to attaining his goals. While he remains very media-shy, apart from the occasional appearance (this George Knapp interview I think is the only time he has appeared on television), he is certainly not afraid to let people know of his views on ufology and the paranormal. A number of people have come out accusing Bigelow of being aligned with Intelligence agencies, but I’ve seen no evidence of that – apart from the obvious contacts he has made when dealing with both the aerospace industry, and elements of the paranormal field (remote viewing and ufology, for example, have a long history of intelligence/military involvement).

Certainly a guy I keep a close eye on, at the very least to see what’s next on his to-do list!

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