Regular Transmission…

Sorry, no round-up today…I’ve been knocked to the floor by the flu, and just can’t manage it. Hopefully I’ll be right tomorrow to get some interesting links to y’all.

  1. flu
    This “flu” person, or “flu” organization should be severely interrogated in Gitmo, or by the Chinese, or by the FSB.

    The cost of living has not affected its popularity.

  2. Hope you get well soon.
    And keep this in mind:

    Pa’ todo mal: MEZCAL
    Y pa’ todo bien: TAMBIEN!!! 😉

    It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
    It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

    Red Pill Junkie

  3. Some Victorian must have
    Some Victorian must have taken the ‘flu north, I’ve had the ‘flu from Hell the past few weeks. Can’t shake it. Don’t feel feverish, just… like a concussion, I get dizzy when I move my head, extreme waves of nausea and dizziness hit me constantly. Starting to get better now though. It’s not the horse or bird ‘flu either. 😉

    Take the day off, Greg, I’ll whip something up later and post my normal (haha!) news tomorrow.

    1. actually
      Actually, my body temperature seems to have been off somewhat, and some headaches and stuff. I thought it was because of local conditions. And because I interact with local people, shake hands and stuff, talk to them, breathe the same air.

      But no, it must be the fault of the internet.

      We are all familiar with “sympathetic magic”?

      The cost of living has not affected its popularity.

      1. It must be an internet virus
        It must be an internet virus then. 😉

        Yeah, that’s a very bad joke, but if I didn’t say it, Anthony would.

        I still feel sick, I’m sure I have the Mongolian Pooh-Flinging Monkey Virus. Advice: if a monkey throws something at you, don’t catch it. Careful of those monkeys, Greg.

        1. I thought about it
          I thought just that when I logged on this morning, but then better judgement got the better of me 🙂
          Get well soon, Greg.

          The balanced adult retains an inner child

          Anthony North

  4. keep up the work
    to bad u re ill, the dialygrail is a daily news url for me and most of my collegea’s, every link is a great + for a day of hard work, hope u get well soon and keep feeding us

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