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I’ve scraped myself off the floor to bring you today’s daily news. I recommend wearing a surgical mask, just in case.

  • Has the supposedly defunct Stargate remote viewing program been relocated to the NSA?
  • Scientists doubt meteorite strike claim. Except this one. Can we rule out earthquake lights as a possible explanation?
  • Should a 15 ton meteorite be auctioned, or should it be given to an indigenous group who claim it is sacred to them?
  • NASA Administrator says China will probably get to the Moon before the U.S. (if we ignore that little thing that happened in 1969 of course). Nice tactic to ramp up funds for NASA?
  • Giant creature crawls across the Sun. At least, that’s what the scientists say…I’m waiting for the ‘woo-woos’ to offer some common sense. Another fund-raising drive? Movie here.
  • The latest issue of Sci-Am looks into the future of space exploration, and they have a number of articles available freely which you might like to check out.
  • Indian girl claims to be reincarnation of space shuttle tragedy victim.
  • What’s in a Rose: Ethnobotany and the search for useful plants (Sci-Am podcast).
  • Vicar calls for Harry Potter debate. I don’t think Voldemort will show.
  • Tensions increase between Egypt and Germany over Nefertiti loan refusal. Please note: the photo on that page is *not* Nefertiti. Just in case you were confused, with the whole legendary beauty thing and all…
  • Oliver Sacks has an interesting piece in The New Yorker: “The Abyss: Music and Amnesia“.
  • The mysteries of a split brain.
  • Imagine a world without animal testing
  • Most science studies tainted by sloppy analysis.
  • Black mystery cats terrorise Australia. I’m afraid to step outside my door.
  • Stranded whale coaxed back to safety by traditional Haida song.
  • China’s cyber attacks signal the new battlefield is online. Although you really can’t beat bodycounts and destroyed buildings when it comes to wars.
  • Two of our supposed galactic companions are actually just passers-by.
  • Did the Big Bang spawn trillions of black holes?
  • Languages racing to extinction in five global ‘hotspots’. I murder the English language every day, but it just keeps coming back stronger.
  • Homeopaths would be fine, if they would just shut up about the serious stuff like AIDS, malaria and MMR.

Quote of the Day:

It’s always funny until, someone gets hurt…and then it’s just hilarious.

Faith No More (‘Ricochet’)