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Walter Cruttenden, author of Lost Star of Myth and Time (Amazon US and UK), is the newly installed ‘Author of the Month’ over at Graham Hancock’s website, and to kick things off GHHQ have posted a forum article by Walter titled “History and Celestial Time“. He will also be available for discussion of the ‘binary star hypothesis’ and related topics on the Author of the Month message board.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Walter and the rest of the team at the Binary Research Institute are also organising a brilliant conference for early next month, CPAK 2007, which will be featuring the original ‘alternative Egypt’ lineup of Hancock, Bauval, West and Schoch. I’m thinking of traveling over especially for this conference (as well as the IRVA conference in Las Vegas a fortnight later), if I can figure out how to afford the plane flight. Perhaps we can organise a TDG meetup if enough people attend.