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Hynek and Project Beta

Over at UFO Mystic, Greg Bishop has slipped a mini-bombshell into part two of his essay on “UFO Researchers and the U.S. Government“. Discussing a topic he knows well – the Air Force’s involvement in ‘psychological warfare’ against UFO researcher Paul Bennewitz – Greg tells of some second-hand info he received on the case which concerned ufological legend J. Allen Hynek:

Bill Moore claims that he met up with Dr. Hynek at the 1982 MUFON convention, and over a couple of beers at a nearby bar, Hynek admitted that he was the one who had been assigned to give the bogus computer setup to Bennewitz. He also said that it was one of the last tasks he was asked to perform for the Air Force.

Note that the source for this information is Bill Moore, who himself was involved in the hoaxing of Bennewitz – so I guess arguments could be made either way for the trustworthiness of information from Moore. For a full account of the Bennewitz affair, see Greg’s book Project Beta. And on a related note, keep an eye out for the forthcoming documentary from Mark Pilkington and John Lundberg, Mirage Men.

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