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I’m in the middle of typesetting the upcoming TDG anthology (hopefully to be available early next month), and I thought it would be good to give the final rundown of contributors (barring last minute snafus). I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s a fair list:

  • Robert Schoch on his Sphinx research.
  • Nick Redfern writes about the Flying Triangle phenomenon.
  • I present some of my original research on the ‘sounds of altered states of consciousness’.
  • Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince with some new Templar revelations.
  • Daniel Pinchbeck writes about the McKenna brothers and the ‘psychedelic apocalypse’.
  • Blair Blake reports on Roswell and the links to an obscure fiction title, The Flying Saucer.
  • Michael Prescott discusses the dangers of the paranormal.
  • Mike Jay looks into the link between ancient Peruvian culture and the use of psychedelics.
  • Loren Coleman dispels one of the major Bigfoot myths.
  • Michael Grosso investigates strange things happening at the time of death.
  • Adam Gorightly asks if the UFO contactees were ritual magicians.
  • Paul Devereux explains ‘eye spirits’.
  • Mitch Horowitz writes about Ouija.
  • Filip Coppens on the occult aspects of the Hellfire Society.
  • Michael Tymn presents the case of the multilingual medium.
  • Emperor reports on the unbelievable strangeness of Bigfoot.

Very excited about this collection, and the book presentation really suits the topics discussed. Depending on the final page count, I may be able to squeeze in one or two more articles extra as well (for those who noticed the lack of feminine input above, please be aware that this was not the case to begin with…cancellations and changed plans contributed to this outcome).

I’m hopeful that we’ll get plenty of support from all of you out there – the anthology will be a great way of giving a little back to all the bloggers and researchers out there (including me!) who are constantly presenting free material online, as all profits are divided up amongst the contributors. We’ve got a good mix of new and exclusive material, and classic reads that may have slipped under the radar.

But the greatest advantage to widespread support for the anthology is that it breeds an even better product – if sales are good, that means the best writers/researchers will be constantly vying for inclusion in future issues, offering their absolute best material. And the higher the sales, the lower the price we can offer the book for (for the first issue, probably between $12.95 to $16.95) due to the economies of scale. So, please support the anthology when we release it (name yet to be revealed!) – because everyone wins! More details in the next few weeks.