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Military and Intel news dominates, with subtopics of secrets, murderers, torturers, and Christians. Mix and match as you please…

  • Yahoo profiles John Greenewald Jr. in their ‘People of the Web’ feature, who maintains the website The Black Vault (story has an attached video).
  • Is the CIA responsible for a number of mysterious deaths some 50 years ago, including that of Secretary of the Navy, and possible MJ12 member, James Forrestal? For more background, see Richard Dolan’s essay on Forrestal.
  • Conspiracy-inclined investigator of Robert Kennedy’s death Dr William A. Bailey passes away aged 68.
  • Psychologists at centre of military/intel torture allegations.
  • Army and Air Force officers face disciplinary action for appearing in Christian fundraising video.
  • ‘Strong probability’ that foot-and-mouth outbreak originated in lab.
  • Scientist suggests that Jesus was able to walk on water because freak weather conditions made the Sea of Galilee ice over. This one ranks up there with the explanation of freak wind conditions allowing the Red Sea to part for Moses. So very sad when scientists feel the need to scientifically explain ‘miracles’ told in folklore and religious stories.
  • Were New World settlers annihilated by a comet explosion 13,000 years ago?
  • Nefertiti has wrinkles (being around 3400 years old, I’m not particularly surprised).
  • China’s Terracotta Army is on the move.
  • Colossal statue of Roman Emperor Hadrian discovered in Turkey.
  • Tara group vows legal action over ‘preserve by record’ excavation/destruction of historical site. And if that doesn’t work, expect a couple of heavy set Sidhe gangsters to drop in for a visit…
  • New fossils challenge human origins theoryhabilis and erectus may have been ‘sister species’.
  • Dust storms loosen their grip on Mars rovers.
  • NASA takes inspiration from Hollywood’s Armageddon for asteroid blasting. Hopefully not the Aerosmith soundtrack part…
  • There’s an army of galaxy hunters out there, and they look just like you and me.
  • Woman has pencil stuck in her head for 55 years. If that story doesn’t make you cringe enough, Cabinet of Wonders has plenty more
  • Ukrainian man named world’s tallest – at 2.57m (8ft 5in), he beats out the previous title holder, Bao Xishun of China by 22cm (8 inches).

Thanks Arlan.

Quote of the Day:

Although the evidence offered by addicts of the marvelous for the reality of the phenomena they accept must be critically examined, it is equally necessary on the other side to scrutinize just as closely and critically the skeptics’ allegation of fraud, or of malobservation, or of misinterpretation of what was observed, or of hypnotically induced hallucinations. For there is likely to be just as much wishful thinking, prejudice, emotion, snap judgement, naivete, and intellectual dishonesty on the side of orthodoxy, of skepticism, and of conservatism, as on the side of hunger for and belief in the marvelous.