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Filip Coppens’ new book, titled The New Pyramid Age (Amazon US and UK), is now available. As part of his research he recently traveled to Bosnia to check out the alleged Bosnian Pyramid. Surprisingly (given that our good friend, geologist Robert Schoch, last year concluded the ‘pyramid’ was a natural formation), Filip (as well as Bosnian officialdom) is resurrecting the claim that the ‘Bosnian Pyramid’ is artificial:

In 2006, a limited amount of work had been carried out, and I can understand why some geologists – those without an agenda or an axe to grind – spoke out for the natural origins of the site. But more recent visitors – tourists and experts alike – are confronted with an ever growing body of evidence, which is stretching the possibility of everything being “freaks of nature” to and beyond the breaking point. Hence, the Russian academic and geophysicist Prof. Dr. Oleg Khavroshkin is typical of those who now come and conclude that “the structures in Visoko are not natural formations”.

It is also why on July 9, 2007, members of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, headed by Premier Nedzad Brankovic, paid a visit to the various sites and unanimously gave their full support to the foundation and its research project. It means that from 2008 onwards, the foundation will be allowed access to state funding; so far, the work has been largely carried out by private donations and sponsorship – and good will.

Filip’s article has some good photographs, as well as plenty of information about the site. However, before anyone gets ahead of themselves, it’s worth pointing out that Robert Schoch – commenting on these new developments to me in an email – says that in his opinion “anyone who has some geological background can figure out from the photographs in his article, and [the facts] he relates, that the so-called Bosnian pyramids are natural.” For more information about Robert’s own investigation on site, see this article on his new website, and/or our exclusive news feature in Sub Rosa Issue 6.

In any case though, Filip’s upcoming book looks very interesting – it’s been a while since pyramids around the world were a ‘hot topic’ here on TDG (ironically, the last time was probably when discussing Robert Schoch’s book Voyages of the Pyramid Builders) – and you can read about more of the topics in The New Pyramid Age on Filip’s website, where there are a number of articles related to the subject matter.