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Zetetic Scholar Online

This is brilliant: George Hansen (author of The Trickster and the Paranormal), who maintains a tribute page for (authentic) skeptic Marcello Truzzi, has put online the first five issues of Zetetic Scholar in PDF format. Truzzi was a foundation member of CSICOP (now CSI), but a year later left the organisation after receiving a vote of no confidence from the group’s Executive Council, due to his desire to include pro-paranormal researchers in the CSICOP dialogue. Truzzi, for his part, believed CSICOP was unscientific in their investigations, coining the terms ‘pseudoskeptics’ to describe their behaviour.

After leaving CSICOP, Truzzi founded Zetetic Scholar, which featured a dialogue between skeptics such as Ray Hyman, Martin Gardner, and Truzzi himself, and paranormally-inclined researchers such as Charles Tart and Allen Hynek. There is some fascinating reading in the PDFs available online, so make sure you take a look over the weekend. Truzzi’s attitude and scientific nous put the CSICOPians to shame…

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