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SurvivalAfterDeath.org have reprinted an excellent series from Scott Rogo, on “Psychical Research and the Survival Controversy” (from his book Life After Death. The Case for Survival of Bodily Death). The five-part article starts with “The Case of James Kidd“, and subsequent instalments are linked from the bottom of that page. It’s a wonderful introduction to the history of psychical research, so have a read if this area is of interest to you.

Scott Rogo’s work is starting to be recognised once again (he was murdered over 15 years ago), not least because of Anomalist Books’ work in reissuing some of his publications (stand by for a review, probably in the next week or so). As mentioned yesterday, Annalisa Ventola (of the Public Parapsychology website) has also reviewed a number of these books for the Journal of Scientific Exploration, which she spoke about recently in her appearance on Marcel Cairo’s wonderful internet radio show AfterlifeFM.