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Borderlands Network

The Borderlands Network (TBLN) launched July 8th, 2007 during the celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the Roswell Incident. TBLN is apparently an attempt to create a media outlet for films on the paranormal, and other topics on the fringes of science (ie. typical TDG fodder). Though starting purely as a broadband network, the founders are hopeful that success will breed success, leading to an environment in which paranormal media production is well-funded:

I want to have more than a small broadband channel that presents films and documentaries. I want TBLN and our producers, directors and researchers out there to grow with us. There are many more films to be made, many expeditions to be covered, and this all requires funding and the resources required for making these programs a reality.

Though there is little information on the site for new visitor, it seems the network offers movies and documentaries via broadband, on a pay-per-view basis. The list of features available (and soon to be available) includes the brilliant crop circle documentary Circlespeak, and the alien abduction investigation Touched. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

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