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The latest edition of the BBC’s “All in the Mind” radio programme (available as Real Audio) features two items of interest to TDGers, the first on parapsychology, and the other on using neuroscience in war (separated by a piece on the psychology of laughter). Having said that, the section of the show which discusses parapsychology is pretty disappointing, with Chris French and Caroline Watt talking nearly the whole time about possible pathologies linked to paranormal beliefs, which simply puts forth a negative view of the subject. Really, it’s obvious to most knowledgeable parties that psi effects increase with creative-minded people, so tying in all the possible pathologies likely in those right-brained people is a little bit of backward logic to me. There is virtually no discussion of positive psi results and the possible explanations for them. So a big thumbs-up to begin with for the BBC covering the topic, but then a thumbs-down for handling it badly.