Should Science Speak to Faith

Scientific American has presented a dialogue between Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins, on the question ‘Should Science Speak to Faith‘. As always with intellects of the calibre of these two gentlemen, the conversation is stimulating and enriching, so I highly recommend it. I have to admit finding it ironic that much of the discussion is about the probabilities required to believe in something, when the question suggests some inherent gap between science and faith.

It is a shame that these discussions continue to focus on ‘easy marks’ such as young-Earth creationism, instead of the body of evidence for survival of death or a mind independent of brain – wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Krauss and Dawkins joined by Michael Grosso, or some other person well-versed in these subjects (see Irreducible Mind). This evidence speaks far more to a ‘rational’ belief in something beyond the physical – by numerous intellectuals – than the straw man that Richard Dawkins continues to knock down.