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Pyramid Shaft Redux

Robert Bauval has started an interesting thread on the Graham Hancock messageboard, revisiting the old topic of the so-called ‘air shafts’ in the Great Pyramid (in which Rudolf Gantenbrink’s robot Upuaut discovered the so-called ‘door’). There is some excellent, stimulating discussion in the thread worth checking out, for those interested in the topic. Furthermore, Jon Bodsworth, owner of the Egypt Archive, has posted a number of 3D simulations of the paths of the ‘air shafts’ that are worth checking out. Note that you can also find a lot of information about the shafts, and the history of their exploration, at Rudolf Gantenbrink’s website. I just wish I still had copies of an extensive email discussion I had with Rudolf on this topic way back in the day, as he certainly had some interesting views on the shafts.

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