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As Rick mentioned in his news update yesterday, uber-cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has done some digging into the background of Gordon T. Holmes, the individual whose ‘Nessie footage‘ has shot to worldwide attention. It turns out that Mr Holmes has a history of claiming to have filmed ABC’s and fairies in the past, amongst other things:

Realistically, we must now admit, at the very least, Gordon T. Holmes is a bit eccentric, perhaps a shade too gullible, and if he still believes in the Cottingley Fairies photographs, which were promoted by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, then he is not current on his reading…

…Frankly, I think this all throws the new Nessie footage in some doubt, for, after all, what was seen and filmed might just be a small eel, a porpoising otter, or an underweight seal.

Or are we to merely assume that Gordon T. Holmes is a very lucky man?

Wonderful investigative work by Loren – as he points out in the story, “a videotape or photograph of a cryptid should never be analyzed without regard to looking into the background of the person that took the image or images.” Ditto for UFOs as well I say…