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What will vegetarians do if plants turn out to be sentient?

  • Plants recognise their siblings. New spooky revelations about plants every other week lately…it’ll be Day of the Triffids before too long.
  • ‘Beastwatch’ investigators descend upon Cannock Chase, in search of a werewolf. Nick Redfern has been documenting the weirdness at Cannock Chase for a while, and I think has a book out on the subject later this year.
  • Was there a psychic moment on Australia’s ‘Big Brother’ television show?
  • Was an unrepentant Edinburgh sorcerer the inspiration for Dr Jekyll?
  • ‘UFO’ over Salt Lake City turns out to be a blimp. Are they sure it’s not Moroni in his latest hot-rod?
  • Demolishing a cliche, Neanderthals were in fact ‘ahead of their time‘. Although, to be fair, to be ‘ahead of the times’ in 30,000 BCE just meant you didn’t throw your faeces at each other.
  • Partying like it’s 1999 (BC). Visiting Egypt’s Sin City.
  • Ancient Rome brought back to life via world’s biggest computer simulation.
  • An illustrated history of trepanation. Vaughan has a good summary on the topic as well at (the appropriately named, in this case) Mind Hacks.
  • Treasure hunt strikes gold at former Greek royal estate.
  • While Dan Brown might turn out to be a flash in the pan, the Bible continues to sell big. With a plot twist like the resurrection, how can you go wrong?
  • Skeptic Benjamin Radford tells you how it is with Full Moon Fever.
  • Oops – no puddles on Mars actually, say scientists. But forget puddles…new evidence points to oceans on Mars (in the past at least).
  • Meet the man at the top of the ‘United Nations of Space‘. Wouldn’t it be more fun if they called themselves ‘The Federation’, or the ‘Galactic Empire’…heck, I’d even settle for the ’12 Colonies of Kobol’.
  • Revolutionary plasma rocket engine tested in Costa Rica.
  • Seth Shostak discusses the possibilities of habitable planets outside our Solar System.
  • Hail Eris! She’s much bigger than Pluto.
  • Baby monitor picks up video from the space shuttle. The mother should check her baby is still at home…
  • Is the weather to blame for the great bee die-off?
  • An influential life comes to an end – goodbye, Mr Wizard.

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

Of all the ways of acquiring books, writing them oneself is regarded as the most praiseworthy method.

Walter Benjamin