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Fortean Times #225

The latest issue of Fortean Times (#225) is about to roll off the presses, and is a special edition celebrating 60 years of UFOs. In the mag you’ll find:

  • An expert panel evaluates the last 60 years of unidentified aerial phenomena.
  • Alan Murdie considers the folklore of ‘lights in the sky’ over New Mexico that preceded Roswell.
  • A look at some fantastic UFO iconography that has made it onto stamps over the years.
  • A photo report on the incredible crystal caves recently discovered in Mexico.
  • Mark Pilkington interviews the visionary director of ‘Holy Mountain’ and ‘El Topo’, Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Check the FT website for full details, and remember they also have news, blogs and archived articles from previous issues available freely online (you may need to register though).