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The ongoing saga of the Roberto Calvi murder continues, with the announcement this morning that a court in Rome has acquitted the five defendants in his murder trial. Calvi – an Italian banker involved with the Mafia, the pseudo-Masonic organisation P2, and the Vatican Bank – was found hanging from a bridge in London 25 years ago. Originally thought to be suicide, further investigation has led police to believe Calvi was murdered.

Dubbed “God’s Banker”, there has been some suggestion that the death can be more closely linked to the Vatican than the Mafia:

The defence suggested more than once that there were plenty of others who had a motive for murder – some of them within the Vatican – and they said any number of these parties could have collaborated and silenced Roberto Calvi.

Some have also commented on the possible Masonic symbolism of Calvi’s murder, along with his involvement with P2, as hints to Masonic involvement in his murder (a recent National Geographic documentary, Freemasons on Trial, looked into the case). Interestingly, also today comes news that police have launched a fresh probe into Masonic lodges in Italy. Conspiracy theorists, start your engines…