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A number of books have appeared over the past few weeks on both the subject of ‘Big Cats’ and the Roswell incident (understandably, with the 60th anniversary approaching). Merrily Harpur’s Mystery Big Cats (review by Nick Redfern) takes on the issue of Big Cat sightings, relating them to folklore and paranormal mythology (Amazon UK). Nick has also recently mentioned another book on the topic, Big Cats Loose in Britain, by Marcus Matthews and published by the Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ), which gives first-hand reports from witnesses to Big Cat sightings in the UK (available from Amazon US and UK).

Meanwhile, on the Roswell front, there have been two new major releases. The Roswell Legacy (Amazon US), due to be released on July 2nd, is authored by Jesse Marcel Jr. – the son of Major Jesse Marcel, who helped recover the debris from the Foster Ranch. And the newly released Witness to Roswell (Amazon US and UK) is selling extremely well, and is offering plenty of new information for Roswell afficionades to debate. For a good rundown of the book, check out David Rudiak’s review at UFO Digest.