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Tuesday Roundup 01-05-2007

A strange assortment to get you through the week…


  1. Great article Ellen Lloyd
    I loved Ellen’s article on visitations of the Virgin or holographic images.

    My area of interest now for a few years has been visitations of the Virgin Mary.
    For example I read in one of Joseph Campbell’s books about the visitation of the Virgin of Guadalupe to a peasant in Mexico.
    The interesting thing about this to me, is that she appeared on the same sacred site and on the same anniversary of the day on which they had celebrated their Aztec god.

    I wonder if this is a site where in a thousand years someone else will see a vision of another spiritual figure.

    I believe the Great Pyramid is built on a former sacred


    1. I’ve felt the pull
      Good morning, everyone …
      Shadows, back in the early 1980s I was driving around the countryside with my young family when we saw what looked like a picturesque village. We stopped the car and went for a walk. As we entered the place, we began to feel this amazing wellbeing. It was as if the place had possessed us. We were really uplifted.
      As we entered the centre of the place we realised it was a Catholic centre. It was, infact, Walsingham, site of the UK’s greatest Marian-type visitation. I’d never heard of it then, though.
      Many years later the rationalist paranormal researcher in me can offer many explanations for how this place grabbed us, but it doesn’t detract from the almost omnipotent presence such a place has.

      The novel – fraud for the law-abiding

      Anthony North

      1. That’s amazing
        Thanks Anthony for that story.I have been researching Black Madonnas and I have found that the original statues are said to have been found in places that were formerly sacred sites for pagans.
        It appears that there are places in the world where you can feel this sort of thing.
        I don’t know about the Virgin of Walsingham, must look it up.

        And Good Morning to you too, except that I am off to bed soon as I have the dreaded lurgie.


        1. Our Lady of Walsingham
          Shadows, she was known as Our Lady of Walsingham, and was one of the first appearances, I believe. In 1061 the widowed Lady Richeldis de Faverches had a vision of the Virgin Mary in Walsingham. The vision included being shown the house in Nazareth where the Angel Gabriel told Mary her son, Jesus, would be born. The Virgin asked for a replica to be built at Walsingham.

          You can find out the history, etc, below:

          Hope you’re feeling better soon.

          If we indulge in self-help, why do we need self-help books to help us?

          Anthony North

          1. Even stranger!

            Anthony in the book The Cult of the Black Virgin by Ean Begg he says that the Black Virgin of Orleans was known as Ste Marie L’egyptienne and calls her the patron saint of lovers and associates her with Walsingham.

            He does not exactly say that Our Lady of Walsingham was a Black Madonna but it sounds like it to me.

            Thanks for the link.The church is lovely and I betcha it was an ancient Celtic sacred site.

            Thanks for the get well wishes.


          2. Yep she is
            I just googled Black Madonnas in England and Our Lady of Walsingham is there.
            The story is that they originally were representations of Isis the first God mother.And that is how she was represented,as a mother with child.
            The sites the Black Madonna figures come from are all former sacred sites.
            She is also identified with Diana and Venus and Athena and of course all other female deities.
            I am a recovering Catholic but I still love the Madonnas and specially the Black ones as they represent to me man’s search for meaning going back to the dawn of history.


      2. Walsingham wellbeing
        [quote=anthonynorth]As we entered the place, we began to feel this amazing wellbeing. It was as if the place had possessed us. We were really uplifted.[/quote]

        Nothing to do with all the overhead power lines then….heh heh.

        (just kidding)

        yer ol’ pal,

        (This post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

        1. Couldn’t see any …
          Couldn’t see any me ol’ pal. Must get on to the local Ethereal Power Company and tell ’em to post markers or something.

          Adolescence – the time when the body slowly grows to adulthood and the mind takes the immediate leap – or so they think.

          Anthony North

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