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The Bookseller is reporting that it is unlikely we will see a new Dan Brown novel before the end of the year. Brown’s UK publisher has said that the Da Vinci follow-up had been budgeted in for 2007 but that Brown had yet to send any material.

It is in the budget, but it was in the budget last year. There is still a chance it will be this year; we just don’t know. He’ll deliver, I am sure, but I don’t know when. It will be published when it’s published.

Considering it is usually a 6 month to 2 year turnaround between publishers first seeing a manuscript, and actual publication, the book is certainly unlikely to come out this year (unless his publisher is being secretive). Guess in the meantime y’all could read my book, The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key (Amazon US and UK)… 😉