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Data, damn data…

  • Finding the grave of Charles H. Fort. Actually, graves. How Fortean…
  • Forget the ‘greys’, and start worrying about the Michelin Men from outer space.
  • The ashes of Star Trek’s Scotty, and astronaut Gordon Cooper, are lost in New Mexico after rocket return. Hmm, dead interstellar traveller, spacecraft landing in New Mexico….why does that ring a bell?
  • And perhaps one day we could send Spock’s ashes to his home planet. We should probably wait till he dies though.
  • Pope to canonize first Brazilian saint, despite claims of fraud.
  • Does Glasgow necropolis hold the key to Freemasonry’s secret history?
  • The Great Zahi stomps on alternative pyramid construction theory.
  • More on the discovery of King Herod’s tomb – this time, a photo-essay.
  • During Jamestown’s “starving time”, settlers ate horses, then rats, then snakes, then boots…and then, the other red meat.
  • Archaeologist says Israeli Antiquities Authority is destroying the Leviticus Scroll.
  • Can life travel from planet to planet riding on meteorites?
  • Does wearing a helmet actually increase the chance of being hit by a car?
  • NASA’s next Mars probe, the Phoenix lander, touches down at the Kennedy Space Center.
  • Why the low gravity over Canada?
  • Our Solar System is bullet shaped.
  • Marsupial junk DNA points to medical breakthroughs for humans.
  • Do drug companies push anti-psychotics on to children?
  • Drinking farm milk reduces childhood asthma and allergies, but raw consumption remains unsafe.
  • US temperatures to jump 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next seven decades?
  • Scientists ponder jet stream to fill global energy needs.
  • What to do when you misplace nuclear material? Place an ad in the local Pakistani rag, of course…

Quote of the Day:

I am a pioneer of a new kind of writing that instead of heroes and villains will have floods and bugs and stars and earthquakes for its characters and motifs.

Charles Fort