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Mirage Men

Greg Bishop (of UFO Mystic) has been posting recently ‘from the road’, as he travels around with John Lundberg and Mark Pilkington during the shooting of a feature-length documentary film called Mirage Men. Mark (editor of Strange Attractor) filled me in recently about the documentary, which sounds brilliant:

It’s about US intelligence involvement in the UFO phenomenon. We’re primarily looking at ways in which they have promoted specific ideas about UFOs and ETs, disseminating them into the UFO arena and into popular culture. It seems to us that they have done this in order to use UFOs as a cover for a number of things – from test flights of experimental aircraft, to intelligence and counter intelligence operations and perhaps darker things too.

We’ve so far been following the development and unravelling of the Serpo story, which we caught at the beginning – good timing! – and have seen through to its messy end. We’ve also got four hours of interviews with Richard Doty, the only US intelligence (AFOSI counter intel) agent ever to be publicly exposed for running these kinds of operations. He has since disappeared again, so we were *very* lucky there…we’ll also be talking to other ex-Intel people and others in the UFO research field.

Mark says the film will be a two hour feature and will be shown at film festivals as well as on TV and DVD. Really looking forward to this – with Mark always doing great work on his projects, and Greg Bishop lending a helping hand (Greg is well-credentialled on the topic of US Intelligence and UFOs…see his book Project Beta) – the doco will be a genuine look at this mystery rather than the usual ‘pop-TV’ nonsense.

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