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Have to give a plug here on TDG for one of the best bands I’ve heard in a while – Riverside. I’ve been listening to their two albums and one EP pretty solid for a month, and between all three haven’t heard a weak track. Riverside are a Polish prog-rock band, with a sound best described as ‘dreamy’ (oneiric is their description), although songs morph pretty regularly into heavier riffs and shift through various time signatures. Great compositions, with the ability to put together 13 minute songs which don’t take a wrong turn as they progress. Nice to see keyboards in prog rock, and Gilmourish guitars as well (although with a Satriani tone).

You can listen to some of their tracks on their Myspace page, or check out the video I posted a few weeks back of a live gig (just an audience video, but gives an idea of their musicianship live). Their most recent album (2005) is Second Life Syndrome (Amazon US and UK), with a new album due out in September this year (can’t wait for that). They also have a previous album, Out of Myself (Amazon US and UK), and an EP titled Voices in My Head (Amazon US and UK). I also hear they are supporting Dream Theatre during their upcoming European tour. Give them a listen – and spread the word if you like them (support good music).