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Short news today on account of spending the day with my boy Phoenix, who turned four today. Happy Birthday little dude!

  • New super-Earth found, which may have running water.
  • A slain Judaic Messiah who was resurrected in three days? You might think you know the story, but…not so.
  • Has Zahi found a tomb containing Alexander the Great, Antony and Cleopatra?
  • (In a seamless seque)…meanwhile, Shakespeare has managed to rest in peace, apparently due to the curse left inscribed on his tombstone. I see some pay per view action coming up – “the Bard vs Zahi: Come, thou mortal wretch”.
  • The A-Team reunites – to talk to a dead George Peppard. I pity the fools!
  • Stanton Friedman has little patience for the nasty, noisy negativists in ufology.
  • Will April 13th, 2036 be a very bad day?
  • ‘Space tourist’ Charles Simonyi gets reacquainted with gravity.
  • Towering mystery fossil turns out to be a humongous fungus – a shroom with a view.
  • Scientists crack the beer-froth enigma.
  • Researcher says prayer does work.
  • Mick Jagger tells how he saw a UFO back in the 60s. The brown acid lingers on…
  • Paul Kimball’s UFO documentary Best Evidence set for premiere. Looks like a good one.

Quote of the Day:

Lord, what fools these mortals be!

Shakespeare (‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’)