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Rust never sleeps…

  • Exploring the Scottish Rite House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. As mentioned in my book (The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key), the House of the Temple is a likely setting in Dan Brown’s next novel.
  • Further to my post yesterday about the Voynich Manuscript – here’s a great Flickr gallery of pages from the Voynich (h/t Mark Pilkington).
  • Tourist boat hopes to find Nessie.
  • A sad day for ufology, as Don Ecker calls it quits. Some thoughts worth pondering in there.
  • UFO ‘fire rings‘ seen around the world? I’m hesitant to post this, because it looks like a viral marketing campaign similar to the ‘Shadow of the Colossus‘ thing from last year. Probably about as real as this cow being abducted.
  • The mysterious allure of extra dimensions: a review of Laurence Krauss’s Hiding in the Mirror (Amazon US and UK).
  • British scientists developing force-field to protect spacecraft and astronauts.
  • Hubble Space Telescope to reveal the aftermath of ‘Star Wars‘. George Lucas said to be considering legal action against the HST.
  • Japan set for August launch of a lunar orbiter.
  • Mites re-evolve sexual production. Perhaps they just realised it was more fun this way.
  • Sun’s atmosphere sings.
  • Plastic solar cell breaks efficiency record.
  • Scientists create artificial bones using modified inkjet printer. Heck, mine jams all the time and it just uses paper…I can’t imagine what a bone jam is like.
  • Does AI need to be constructed like a brain to be more human-like?
  • Robot wars. You really don’t need any more text than that for people to click on the link, do you…
  • How do you get around a law prohibiting humans from solicitation? Get a robot to do it. A good lesson to those fiendish robots to make love, not war.
  • Good Friday flagellations lead to Rabies infections. Makes you believe there really is a Dog.
  • Ancient Peruvian metallurgy studied.
  • Archaeologists look for Knights Templar in Bulgaria.
  • Elgin Marbles could be returned to Greece. Reading the fine print in a rapid-fire voice: “Marbles will only be available on loan, on the proviso that Greece acknowledges British Museum ownership of the artifacts”.

Quote of the Day:

I’m tired of frauds and clowns in this field that are shown to be frauds and clowns and yet still are treated like they are stars with something important to say. I suppose you could just say I’m tired of all of it.

Don Ecker