News Briefs 20-04-2007

Rust never sleeps…

  • Exploring the Scottish Rite House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. As mentioned in my book (The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key), the House of the Temple is a likely setting in Dan Brown’s next novel.
  • Further to my post yesterday about the Voynich Manuscript – here’s a great Flickr gallery of pages from the Voynich (h/t Mark Pilkington).
  • Tourist boat hopes to find Nessie.
  • A sad day for ufology, as Don Ecker calls it quits. Some thoughts worth pondering in there.
  • UFO ‘fire rings‘ seen around the world? I’m hesitant to post this, because it looks like a viral marketing campaign similar to the ‘Shadow of the Colossus‘ thing from last year. Probably about as real as this cow being abducted.
  • The mysterious allure of extra dimensions: a review of Laurence Krauss’s Hiding in the Mirror (Amazon US and UK).
  • British scientists developing force-field to protect spacecraft and astronauts.
  • Hubble Space Telescope to reveal the aftermath of ‘Star Wars‘. George Lucas said to be considering legal action against the HST.
  • Japan set for August launch of a lunar orbiter.
  • Mites re-evolve sexual production. Perhaps they just realised it was more fun this way.
  • Sun’s atmosphere sings.
  • Plastic solar cell breaks efficiency record.
  • Scientists create artificial bones using modified inkjet printer. Heck, mine jams all the time and it just uses paper…I can’t imagine what a bone jam is like.
  • Does AI need to be constructed like a brain to be more human-like?
  • Robot wars. You really don’t need any more text than that for people to click on the link, do you…
  • How do you get around a law prohibiting humans from solicitation? Get a robot to do it. A good lesson to those fiendish robots to make love, not war.
  • Good Friday flagellations lead to Rabies infections. Makes you believe there really is a Dog.
  • Ancient Peruvian metallurgy studied.
  • Archaeologists look for Knights Templar in Bulgaria.
  • Elgin Marbles could be returned to Greece. Reading the fine print in a rapid-fire voice: “Marbles will only be available on loan, on the proviso that Greece acknowledges British Museum ownership of the artifacts”.

Quote of the Day:

I’m tired of frauds and clowns in this field that are shown to be frauds and clowns and yet still are treated like they are stars with something important to say. I suppose you could just say I’m tired of all of it.

Don Ecker

  1. Fire Ring UFOs
    I couldn’t believe this when I first saw it here on Daily Grail. The You Tube videos at this blog are uncanny to fire rings over Galveston Bay in Texas that were spotted by myself and two others about three months ago. Freaked us the hell out, they hung around for fifteen minutes.

    This isn’t no viral marketing gimmick like the alleged Giants. Just thought I’d let you all know.

    I had never seen any kind of UFO type object before and still don’t necassarily believe in the ET theory involving them, but there is some kind of wierd aerial anamolies that have been happening around the world for some time now. Too many for coincidences.

  2. Mouthing off about the Revolution!!!
    All around the world, they’re fed up, and they’re not going to take it in anymore!

    Viva la Revolution!!!

    Of course it’s a viral marketing campaign – but hey, it’s also funny and clever.

    Okay, I admit it — my mouth has been screaming exactly the same thing. Over-the-counter acid-reducers had become a monthly-budget item, which is what finally made me realize it was high time I paid attention to what my own mouth had been repeatedly saying.


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