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We’ve had quite a few people voice their disappointment that there is no hard copy version of Sub Rosa. This is certainly something that we’re not happy about either, but the simple fact is we can’t afford to do a print run of a full colour magazine at this stage. However, those thoughts have spurred me onto starting another project.

My plan is to assemble a regular (hopefully) book anthology on Daily Grail topics, with contributions from some of the best researchers/writers out there. This will be offered via Print on Demand through online booksellers such as Amazon, and I think would offer a great outlet for cutting edge research and writing. As such, at this stage I’d like to ask two things of TDG readers.

Firstly, are you interested in such an anthology, and if so would you prefer ‘themed’ anthologies (each book on a certain topic area) or for each book to be a compilation of the various topics we cover on TDG (alt history, consciousness, ufology, occult etc)? And secondly, which writers/researchers/topics would you enjoy seeing in the anthology? I’ve set up a new poll for the first question (old poll can be found in the archive), and answers to the second are welcome in the comments section. Thanks!