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Anomalist Editor Needed

That (other) great web source of strange and exotic news items, The Anomalist, is currently on the lookout for a new news editor. The link has full details of the requirements and terms of ’employment’ (like any web gig, there’s not much to offer apart from personal enjoyment in the job) – I’d expect there would be a few TDG readers who would fit the bill nicely.

  1. I hope they answer
    I sent a request for them to look at my what constitutes a gnostic these days and my Perth Fireball story. I asked them for a comment so folk at TDG can see they attract attention of other websites.
    Since you haven’t said anything yet, I mean Kat made a laconic reply to let me know she read it, even though it mentions nothing in the way of humor.
    You makes humor inputs into yer topic listings, yet say nothing as humorous in the few responses you do make.
    Do I take that to mean yer sense of humor is limited to sound bites?

    1. Time, time, time..
      [quote=jaako]You makes humor inputs into yer topic listings, yet say nothing as humorous in the few responses you do make.
      Do I take that to mean yer sense of humor is limited to sound bites?[/quote]

      More likely it means that I put 4 to 5 hours a day into getting stories up on TDG, emailing people, upgrades to the page code, maintenance, and chasing after trolls. I figure the rest of the day belongs to my kids, rather than amusing TDG readers with humorous comments. Besides, Anubis2 appears to be doing a fine job on his own…

      Kind regards,
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

      1. well said Greg
        I love A2’s comments on things.Sharp and to the point.
        And when you put funny things in yourself I sometimes miss them because they are so subtle.
        I remember the deja vu thing.
        And you get me every single April 1st.
        Actually Rick has got pretty good too.
        I hope Kat is soon back and the black ops people have not done anything to her.
        Its a worry.


        1. Kat’s Back
          [quote=the shadow]I hope Kat is soon back and the black ops people have not done anything to her.
          Its a worry.[/quote]

          Kat’s back online and will be posting the news today Shadows.

          Although it is strange, she just keeps saying in a monotone voice, “George W. Bush is the divinely-appointed spreader of freedom and democracy”. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about though…

          Kind regards,
          You monkeys only think you’re running things

          1. Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Not our Kat!!!!!!!!!

            Well I just hope everyone realises that if she posts unusual stuff we are just going to go on loving her because she is our Kat.

            We’ve had a huge problem with the black ops people on this site over the years, and then there was that mad Canadian association that seemed to be recruiting for the Iraq war.
            We are losing our freedoms.
            We at TDG must see we retain them.


            Now we all hum The Red Flag.

    2. jaako’s letter to The Anomalist
      jaako wrote: “I sent a request for them* to look at my what constitutes a gnostic these days and my Perth Fireball story.”

      * “them,” the Editors of the Anomalist.

      response: No doubt they will get a giggle out of your posts, but possibly not for the reasons you were expecting. Were you imagining the Anomalist editors would see your posts and think, “wow! This jaako has such a unique sense of humor, he would be perfect for the role of our new editor.”

      Ah, but such perfect worlds seldom exist. It is precisely because they are “news editors” that they would see beyond the hype of your attention-seeking email (after all, it was you that asked them to come and look at your marvelous writings). Beyond that hype, they would have noticed what editors invariably notice … glaring errors.

      Taking note of the spelling from your initiating post “What constitutes a Gnostic” they would likely have spotted the following: “lacksadaisically” (lackadaisically); “handfull” (handful); “knowlege” (knowledge); “schorlarly” (scholarly); “Judgement” (Judgment); “corallary” (corollary) and “succeded” (succeeded).

      Then, if they scrolled down to your subsequent posts on this particular blog, the following gems might have invited their attention: “survivng” (surviving); “hemrrhoid” (hemorrhoid); “curent” (current ); “dilemna” (dilemma); “bureuacrat” (bureaucrat); “faux paux” (faux pas); “mal-treated” (maltreated); “Iraqui” (Iraqi); “battefield” (battlefield) and “irrreverence” (irreverence).

      By now, their intrigue has grown to a dull shaking of the head, but they ignore their better intuition and decide to peruse your article “possible solution to Perth fireballs.. “. There, they add the following spelling anomalies to their growing list: “afficianado” (aficionado); “constituiton” (constitution); “catologing” (cataloging); “whereever” (wherever); “strastophere” (stratosphere); “tomorow” (tomorrow); “mainstram” (mainstream); “recyled” (recycled) and “locator” (locater).

      So why would I wish to draw attention to these errors of yours?

      You might recall, jaako, a previous post where you lambasted Colette for her spelling. Your exact words were “Do you want an article about yer failing vision, ‘cuz it shows up in yer typos. Yer intelligent, so i know you can spell better than that. I deliberately misspell for humor’s sake.”

      So, your claim is that you deliberately misspelled all these above words for humor’s sake? Well, there is humor there, but perhaps not quite the way you intended.

      I hope you enjoyed the ironing.


      1. well
        I take my hat off to you……many thanks A2.
        It all comes out in the wash….and eventual “ironing”.

        “While contemplating on their life, anyone who says they have no regrets and would do it all the same again, have not learn’t anything.”

  2. thanx greg
    that was very thoughtful of you to spare me some of yer time. I hope I didn’t prevent yer kids from missing a treat, if answering me takes time away from them. I can wait. I do hope those folk from anomalist respond, it would be nice to get their take.
    If you get time to read my stuff, please leave a witticism, they are priceless.

    1. Boy what an ego!
      Jaako it wouldn’t hurt you to take a few notes from people like Richard and floppy who write with wisdom and dignity
      And may I add, humility.


      1. hhmmmm
        Blush ;-{)

        “While contemplating on their life, anyone who says they have no regrets and would do it all the same again, have not learn’t anything.”

  3. ya ain’t got no bubbas in 0z?
    My ophtamologist sez I’m a candidate fer a lens transplant, they are hardening, since its easier fer me to think, spell, type like bubba to get my humor mojo thang going, my suggestion to anomalist was for a humor spot, not an editor spot. The dude who went to the trubble uv gittin’ my humor undun, by correcting the spelling should get the editor’s job.

    I did not criticize Collette by any means, I merely asked her if she got her eyes slit lamp examined. She may be a candidate for a lens transplant like me. She described by her floaters a phenomenon called macular degeneration that comes with aging or glaucoma.

    I guess you didn’t bother to read my own joke about myself, yeah I can take a joke, yawl. It goes like this.
    I am living proof that advancing old age is incompatible with good health.

    Then again, I may be the unlucky one to see ya reach yer demise before me. My dad made it to 90, we all thought he’d make a 100, but ya know, shit happens, a dermatologist mis-diagnosed a skin lesion that later metasticized.

    I be mighty surprized if ya ain’t got no bubba thinking and bubba spellers in 0z. They got a gazillion of them in the UK. Seein’ as how yer country cousins to blokes in UK, it be natural to imagine there be same % in 0z.

    Ya know, if I dun thunk like them folk ya mentioned, why I’d be a copy cat, where’s the fun or humor in that. Ya already got them, why do ya want this site to be dulled down even more?

    Even the mighty Bard from Avon deliberately made his plays suit groundlings, they made up a sizeable amount of his audience. He needed their guffaws to offset the silence of snobs dwelling on his more thought provoking stuff. There is room fer the whole human experience here on this board, no?

      1. I don’t mean to be nosy..
        My dad and mom both had both lenses changed. My mom had glaucoma so she never got rid of that factor, she had a tunnel like field of vision like looking thru binoculars slightly out of focus. my dad got his from adult onset diabetes so his macula were deteriorating, he saw well enough to read large print, but had no night vision. With reduced lighting he knew there was a light source, but had to be assisted to be able to walk around. He needed the equivalent of daylight.

        I assume I will get something in between, who knows. I don’t smoke and I don’t chew(tobaccy) and I don’t with girls that do. I don’t drink either. I eat lo-fat stuff, small amounts of red meat, so I may miss those factors input. I am not sure how I would handle not seeing clearly, even with diminished or no night vision.

        You said yer body didn’t adapt to what ever kind of material yer lenses were made of, did they salvage yer originals and shave down the hardened spots and do a re-insert? That is the last resort procedure they offered my folks if they couldn’t see with their replacements., then again I’m talking nearly 20 years ago technology.

        Here in Europe the procedure is just about etched in concrete. Every hospital submits a budget request to politicians doling out the funding. They are expected to do the el cheapo stuff, not the most extravagant available. I am still amazed at the patience of folk here who get put on waiting lists for everything in the medical field. Babies get delivered at home, unless the nurse mid-wife runs into a surgical emergency, then its a matter of finding a hospital to send her to. I don’t know too many folk who got a 2nd child born in a hospital, for instance.

        My brother tells me about the horror stories of NHS in UK, he has one of those new EU health cards that allow for out of home country emergency care. He needed to have a detached retina repair done, In England its a 6 month wait, in Scotland about 2 months, in Wales less than a month, so he went on holiday there so he could get it done and save that eye. That I find to be the biggest down side of socialized medicine. Those who can afford it go private, those who barely make ends meet, get on a waiting list.

        I should ask my brother how his wife’s brother is doing in 0z. They went down to visit him 15 years ago shortly after he moved there. His bro-in-law married a 0z lady. I took for granted the 2 systems are similar in structure, funding channels, medical training of personnel, etc, Perhaps 0z has an advantage due to a smaller population base, that I don’t know.
        Canada definitely out performs the U.S for availability since its socialized but the cost per family is actually higher on a month by month comparison, due to the tax structure.

        Hillary Clinton wants to convert the U.S health care sytem to match the Canadian. I wish her good luck.

        Swedes we know are taxed over 50& of income, they have a 25% sales tax, booze is outrageously expensive in State controlles liquor stores. Price of petrol is 12 Kronor a liter. A U.S dollar is 6.7 kronor. In dollar terms swedes pay nearly twice as much, and Amareekins be howling up a storm over recent price hikes.

        I bees here in EU land nearly 40 years and always paid twice the price them Yanks pay. I live with it, when times are hard I ride a bike, except in winter. But now its a new ball game yawl, health wise I mean, I was told by folk who had eye surgery I ain’t gonna be up and pedaling for some time until my body accepts them there plastic inserts.

        1. Bloody Vista!
          I wrote a comment to you jaako and lost it.I hate Vista and am going to have it changed back to something my poor little brain can understand.

          With my eyes it is a simple case of rejection.I think.My sight was -12 in one eye and -10 in the other from myopia when I had surgery for cataracts caused by steroids I take for asthma.
          The cataracts developed very quickly and I was within a few months of being totally blind.
          One day we went to the kite show they have here every year and when I said to my son,’Where are the kites?’ he said ‘That’s it! I can’t stand this any more, you are bloody-well going for surgery whether you like it or not’.
          And I didn’t.
          I was terrified.
          One eye was good and the other eye, my good eye, was bad from the beginning, that is after the surgery.

          My long sight was good for a while post-op but the constant pain in and behind my eyes causes me a lot of distress.
          I could see pics on the TV for the first time in many years.Now though I notice I cannot read the writing on the bottom of the screen anymore so I suppose that is going again.

          I look like a panda with big black eyes.I will have to have new lenses inserted.In your parent’s case they would have adjusted the lens so they could see.
          In my case I can see, but not up close, but have a lot of swelling and pain, and sometimes my eyelid droops from fluid build-up which I think is the main cause of the pain.
          It may not be an out and out rejection, just a bad reaction.
          But I would give anything for the eyes I used to have, bad as they were.
          Reading is a chore to me now where I read heaps of books before.
          The computer is painful on my eyes.
          The eye specialist says that there is nothing wrong with my eyes but yes I will need new lenses soon.

          Luckily I have a son who pays my medical bills as I am a pensioner.

          Look after your eyes jaako specially if you have glaucoma or macula degeneration in your family.I don’t know if I have as no one lived long enough to develop it.


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