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As mentioned in Jameske’s news on Wednesday, Dr Zahi Hawass has (once again) announced an expedition to investigate the ‘doors’ found in the shafts of the Queens Chamber in the Great Pyramid. The first so-called ‘door’ was discovered in 1993 by German robotics engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink (check out Cheops.org for a wealth of information, from CAD drawings to his own account). Despite once saying in relation to the door “We are not discovering anything in the Great Pyramid, there is nothing really remaining to be discovered inside,” the good doctor (in his usual self-effacing manner) had this to say…

I dedicated my whole life to study the secrets of the Great Pyramid and I must say that these doors create many exciting questions…I can only say that this year I will reveal the secrets of the Great Pyramid doors.

Considering that originally the expedition was slated for last month, and that Dr Hawass has said “that he does not want to do the investigation live because he wants to do the scientific work first and then maybe do a live broadcast if something important is found,” we can only wonder if the ‘expedition’ has already occurred.