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Opening the Pyramid Doors

As mentioned in Jameske’s news on Wednesday, Dr Zahi Hawass has (once again) announced an expedition to investigate the ‘doors’ found in the shafts of the Queens Chamber in the Great Pyramid. The first so-called ‘door’ was discovered in 1993 by German robotics engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink (check out for a wealth of information, from CAD drawings to his own account). Despite once saying in relation to the door “We are not discovering anything in the Great Pyramid, there is nothing really remaining to be discovered inside,” the good doctor (in his usual self-effacing manner) had this to say…

I dedicated my whole life to study the secrets of the Great Pyramid and I must say that these doors create many exciting questions…I can only say that this year I will reveal the secrets of the Great Pyramid doors.

Considering that originally the expedition was slated for last month, and that Dr Hawass has said “that he does not want to do the investigation live because he wants to do the scientific work first and then maybe do a live broadcast if something important is found,” we can only wonder if the ‘expedition’ has already occurred.

  1. The Great Hawass
    I suspect it will be a whole lot of nothing. If there was anything extraordinary discovered, it would validate so many of the people that The Great Hawass has spent years trying to discredit and write off as nuts and amatuers. The only reason he would televise this is so that at the end he can say “see, I told you there really wasn’t anything else to discover about the Great Pyramid”.

  2. always sumthin new 2 say, that’s our Zahi
    Re: the Great zh’s most recent pronouncement…

    this thing seems to come around every once in-a-while, with all the regularity of “Bankrupt!” on the Wheel of Fortune.

    in fact, on the very pages of this (wonderful) site, this story has appeared at least twice – one time being over 2 1/2 yrs ago, 10 Aug 2004, when Greg posted an article titled: “Pyramid Robot III”.

    then, over a year later, on 10 Oct 2005 Greg put up an article titled:
    “Shafted Again”.

    Thanks, Greg!

    funny thing is, both these stories are nearly identical, with zh pledging his undying devotion to “revealing the mystery of the pyramid” and spreading the answer to the “people all over the world waiting to solve this mystery.”

    Right… that’s why it’s taken so long since the I-Robot team’s already successful drilling of the first and second doors. why did he have to get a new team???

    as big as zh’s head is, there is something bigger, and that is the Status Quo. how much of zh’s behavior and glacial pace is due to influences from the Egyptian (and other) govt’s?? would he be allowed to reveal any of Cayce’s great prophetic discoveries, (or even any non-prophesied discoveries), even if they did (or have) occurred?

    would the muslims allow such information to be disclosed??

    teehee… ; )

    1. possible problems
      Suppose the secret of the pyramids is finally resolved, and it turns out to be something really boring. That would put thousands of people out of business.

      Failure is not an option — it comes bundled with Windows

      1. Thanks, Earthling!
        That’s a wonderful idea that I’d never thought of before! Perhaps that’s why ZH keeps putting off revealing the discovery – it’s too uninteresting. Love it! Thanks.

        Regards, Kathrinn

      2. So right
        [quote=earthling]Suppose the secret of the pyramids is finally resolved, and it turns out to be something really boring. That would put thousands of people out of business.

        Failure is not an option — it comes bundled with Windows[/quote]

        Suppose they continue to dig up the workmen’s quarters, and find inscriptions telling how the Pyramids were built and why? Something in Egyptian like
        “F*****g nut Resef thinks this pile will…” or
        “Horus curse foreman Resef for making me…”

        Why is it that just when Microsoft gets a version of Windows to work, they come out with another version?

    1. Shafted
      Not only the piece of wood, but one copper handle was broken during the last Fox special and has since disappeared. Befor Team Zahi drilled a hole through the stone slab, both copper handles were of equal length — but after Team Zahi drilled its spyhole, one copper handle was blatantly shorter than the other, yet not a single piece of copper lay on the shaft floor. And not a word about it from Team Zahi.

      Team Zahi has already looked behind the two stone doors. This is clearly evident in Zahi’s ambiguous, non-committal answers when asked if he has already looked behind the stone doors. “All will be revealed!” is Zahi’s catch-cry that sounds like a spruiker at a Big Top circus promising wonders and miracles behind the curtain. I bet all we’ll see is a bearded Zahi in a dress.

      The million dollar question is; will the public be shown what was originally behind the stone slabs, or will we be presented with a fake “discovery”?

      I trust Team Zahi as much as I trust hippos in the Nile during mating season.

  3. Hmm..Zahi again
    It’s almost always the same story over and over again.I remember reading Cayce’s prophecies about the hall of records beneath the Sphynx,and in the 1990’s during a trip in Egypt, I was walking around it with much difficulty,as the whole area around the base of the sphynx was blocked with temporary wooden walls,scafolding,etc(i snuck around though,pretending that i couldnt read the “Danger,keep out” signs). We were told that they were cleaning the sphynx,then a couple of years later,I read about the search for “the hall of records”,the date given was the exact year and month,when I was told they were cleaning,and of course,Zahi announced that they found nothing in the chamber beneath the sphynx.They alway try to conceal the real truths,and I do’nt think its coz Zahi,and all the others are worried about their egos.Goodness knows what hogwash he’s going to blurt out next.

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