News Briefs 23-03-2007

Go fish…

  • Does 16th century map show that the Portugese beat Britain in ‘discovering’ Australia by 200 years?
  • Rosslyn Chapel receives windfall in restoration grants. What’s this “discovering” thing white man?
  • While on-the-ground monitoring becomes too dangerous, satellite imagery shows Iraq’s archaeological treasures disappearing.
  • European Space Agency proves that quantum entanglement remains intact over a distance of 144 kilometres.
  • DARPA project aims to have computers that sense what you’re thinking, and also what you’re not thinking.
  • Astronomers explode a virtual star.
  • Former astronaut none too pleased with NASA’s latest strategy for dealing with potential asteroid threats.
  • Seth Shostak labels The American Farmer an American myth, although he likes the ‘only in America’ aspect (which he applies to SETI). Forgetting those frontier-riding Nazi rocket scientists, and a little piece of metal called Sputnik of course.
  • Predicting the next great earthquake.
  • Doubt cast on definition of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).
  • Genetic studies enhance the colour vision of mice. Once again, the mice get the good stuff.
  • Investigation finds much of the money raised by Shriners went to the costs of the fraternity, including keeping liquor cabinets full. I want an audit of the number of goats purchased.
  • King of the witches‘ used to talk to dead. Now he has joined them.
  • Industrial-scale microwave need to defrost colossal squid caught in the Antarctic last month. Don’t put it on ‘High’, or the calamari market could be flooded.
  • Whale fossil found in one of Italy’s finest vineyards. Explains why the wine was described as of “a fruity texture, with a high note of krill”.

Quote of the Day:

The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.

Jon Stewart