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Sailing the seas of cheese…

  • What would it be like to stand on Mars, and take a good look around? Something like this I’d imagine. So, so cool.
  • Heaven’s Gate, ten years on. Wonder if C2C will cover the anniversary?
  • Storm warning! The solar minimum we’re currently in is the calm before the storm, with a massive solar maximum expected in (*gasp!*) 2012.
  • Company wins $19million lawsuit against Amway distributors for spreading rumours about its links with Satanism.
  • ‘Bleeding’ Jesus portraits draw crowds in India.
  • Nature goes on the attack against alternative therapies being taught in universities.
  • UK paper apologises on front page for supporting the legalisation of marijuana, claiming they now believe the drug is dangerous. Numerous stupid comments, such as the one about marijuana being more dangerous than Ecstasy and LSD – the reason it’s rated higher is because the other two aren’t considered dangerous…the report lists alcohol as being significantly more harmful than marijuana.
  • Need to navigate the current paradigm? Here’s a handy map.
  • Scientists create microscopic alphabet soup. I looked for some Voom! in there, but I couldn’t find any.
  • Mapping the 248th dimension.
  • Hinode space telescope reveals the impossible on the Sun.
  • Futuristic NASA think tank to be shut down.
  • Anomalous lights seen in conjunction with earthquake.
  • Scientists study sacred sounds.
  • Professor decries ‘DaVinci Codification‘ of culture over the past few years.
  • You don’t need sex to evolve. Hell of a good way to kill 40 million years though…
  • Duke University patents mind-controlled weapons.
  • Study details catastrophic impact of nuclear attack on US cities. Scary things, like no American Idol to watch, no McDonalds to get a snack from. Duck and cover!
  • Was Marilyn Monroe tricked into killing herself by the Kennedys?
  • Remember when those scientists did a proof of how vampires could not exist? Seems they forgot the Buffy factor (first thing they teach in ‘Maths in Vampirology 101’).

Quote of the Day:

Sell a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and you’ve ruined a wonderful business opportunity.

Karl Marx