News Briefs 08-03-2007

We’re in the middle of a drought, and I can’t do any yardwork because it keeps raining. Go figure…

  • Stephen Oppenheimer, author of the controversial Eden in the East (Amazon US and UK), says that peoples of the British Isles arrived from Spain some 16,000 years ago. His new book The Origins of the British is available from Amazon US and UK.
  • The ancient Romans and Greeks had their own type of Guinness Book of Records, with selections such as the longest sex marathon and the most expensive slave (unrelated entries…I think).
  • Forget the Battle of the Black Gate of Mordor…this hobbit war just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
  • Signs of water on Mars? Not so fast.
  • Or…Mars water traces left by springs, not seas. You ever get the feeling that all these Mars scientists have absolutely no idea?
  • NASA says they can’t afford to hunt for killer asteroids.
  • Meanwhile, new paper suggests laser deflection of Near Earth objects. I think I played that game 25 years ago.
  • China confirms Moon probe this year. Does the Moon know about this?
  • Could we soon be using antimatter to kill cancer?
  • Forget lizards growing back new tails – our closest invertebrate relative, the sea squirt, can regrow its entire body from one blood vessel.
  • Images stitched together from eight of the world’s best space observatories give a stunning panorama of thousands of galaxies.
  • When cows go bad. Calf caught in the act of hunting and eating chickens.
  • Who’s yo mummy? Jet Li of course. The Mummy 3 set to abandon Egypt and go all Terracotta Armyish.
  • Edgar Cayce tours now available in his hometown.
  • According to Tim the Yowie Man, our very own cryptid likes to hang around the Gold Coast. I think I’ve seen him surfing at D-bah.
  • Revisiting one of my first ever Bigfoot encounters – Steve Austin, the 6 million dollar man, fights Sasquatch (video). Gotta love those sound effects.

Quote of the Day:

Belief is the death of intelligence.

Robert Anton Wilson

  1. Bits and pieces
    [quote] Moon probe this year. Does the Moon know about this? [/quote]

    That’s a good one Greg.

    [quote] Could we soon be using antimatter to kill cancer? [/quote]

    One wonders if what will be spared anyway.

    [quote] Belief is the death of intelligence. [/quote]

    Certainly is. So is pride.

      1. Faith,belief strange days in la la land
        Tom Waits, Pop Occulture, The eye ball Kid. Quit searching and belief sets in. Faith no more. Knowledge,facts,science,enough of the repugnant Right. Just the facts maam. Why does Limbaugh have a voice in this wonderful nation. Enough lies. Grab him by the hand and put him on the stand. Every since I put your picture in a frame. Lots of love from bug tussel. Respectfully Dennis.

        1. Comrade, Why does Rush

          Why does Rush have a voice? Perhaps because folks like him believe in the actuality of the 1st Ammendment, that everyone should be allowed to have a say. Unlike the left, which is all for free speech, as long as they get to moderate, edit and censor it before it’s being allowed to be put out for discussion.

          It is so very sad to see that, these days, the very groups that howl the loudest about facism and repression are the ones that practice is best, and that, often…

          As to science, well, it can be useful when considered as a tool, but too often, it becomes the religion of the left, of the humanists who deny they are religious, but set forth daily to denounce religion with all the skill and energy of the most radical fundamentalists.

          Interesting how both the Radical Islamist and the Scientist are on opposite sides, yet both are screaming “Burn the Heretics!” at the top of their fever-pitched voices.

          What to do, what to do….

          A scientist who denies the possibility of God is useless to humanity, as much so as the believer who claims to posses the “TRUE” path to God.


          1. Comrade Gwedd why does Rush have a voice?
            Divide and conquer.
            Right and wrong. Left and right. Blue and red. Liberal and conservative. Democrate and republican. Christian and Islamic. Belief and non-belief. Hot or cold. English or Irish.
            We all have to live on this planet. Global warming or a new ice age. Pollution will kill and mutate, injure and impair. There may not be muchmore oil. Is alternative energy evil, no its smart and friendlier to the plant. The sun and the wind are not owned by anyone! We are in a war because of OIL and Drugs(poppies). Is war good for life,the planet. Is dropping a nuclear bomb on Iran a good why to stop a nuclear program?

            Because hate and ignorance is so widespread in the US. Many Americans get all of their info from Tv propaganda stations like Faux(Fox)News. Violence is accepted in the movies, video games, and TV, but sex and nakedness is frowned on. Example, during the half time of the violent game of football, a women accidentally shows her nipple. OH MY GOD! Religion has almost 50% of the population thinking that a mushroom cloud over Iran, or New York would be a “good sign” that Superman Jesus was soon to return. What to do about that? Do you beleive everything your TV tells you? Why? Do you believe everything your church tells you? Why?

            Gwedd, the meaning of fascism, maybe you don’t understand its meaning? This is from the Oxford Dictionary a noun. System of extreme RIGHT-WING DICTATORSHIP.
            What party, backed by OIL, BIG PHARMACEUTICAL, and MILITARY/INDUSTRAL has been in power for 12 YEARS! Till this last November. The republicans. Think! just wrap your brain around that. Who has had the upper hand for 12 years!

            Science, is used to understand substances life, and natural laws.
            As Laplace said when Napoleon wondered how the famous mathematican had managed to write his book without mentioning God. ‘Sire, I had no need of that hypothesis.’

            I personally have not heard a scientist speak of violence against a non believer. Maybe you can give an example?

            Denouncing religion, is your god so feeble to crumble at the feet of logic? Maybe he should go and stand with Zeus, and Posidon?

          2. postings are fun!
            Interesting posts Gwedd.
            And thanks for responding bladerunner.

            With regards to Gwedd’s posts:

            What exactly is the left censoring? I am aware on certain left wing blog sites that severely abusive writings are at times deleted from the discussions. How is that harming us when the writings served no positive purpose in the least? As someone who is not conservative, one of my biggest concerns is the death of innocents. Sure, it happens in the name of national security, but that doesn’t make it right. Of course, innocent people will always die in the name of national security, so we might as well get over that travesty and go about our business… Although, the security of the United States isn’t paramount to the future existence of this planet.
            Could someone please point out to me the instances where the left wing population of the United States is practicing fascism? I am not saying it doesn’t exist on the left wing side, I am just curious to hear of some actual documented instances so that I can be a little more educated on this matter.
            I am trying to remember the last time a scientist blew up a marketplace full of people. I suppose without science we would not have some of the technologies that have allowed for us to create weapons of destruction, so some blame could be placed there. I would agree though, that if religion didn’t exist, there remains a decent chance that violence would continue at its current rate. It all seems to stem from power. I don’t think we dropped bombs on Japan because of religion. Perhaps I am wrong though. Seemed to be in part a power move, especially since a few hundred thousand people were killed and they were about to surrender anyways.
            I am not an atheist, but it seems like some atheists just think that the religious people are a little on the stupid side. Was there a call to murder religious people by scientists? I missed that one.
            I have some atheist friends that have made my life worth living. So they have made a contribution to humanity after all, even if it is an extremely small one. I am sure there are some atheist doctors out there as well….
            Lastly, why is it that some of us just have to seem like they have all of the answers?
            Well, this is a double lastly. So very many things are possible on this planet. Since it seems like evolution exists, how is it that we cannot progress? How is it that we are the same as we have always been, with the exception of technology? Doesn’t technology change lives anyways? And if a number of individuals were advocating on the airwaves for a massive extermination of a particular people, and their hopes eventually came to fruition, don’t you think that it would have been better if these individuals weren’t on the airwaves in the first place (just talking about potentials here)?

            Marsupials are fast. That is why they are scary.

  2. Frontier Spain plains
    From the Iberian area and possibly a few other Mediterranean groups to boot, boating their way up the coastline all the way to what is now the British Isles. It was eight years ago I put forth this whacky idea and based it upon haplotypes. We discussed it here (and over there on that other website) and pondered upon it and we just dropped the subject. Maybe I should have written a book. But what do I know … Well, good luck Stephen and may you make a mint! Love, Pam —————————–Truth is stranger than fiction.

    1. Comrades,
      Everyone has


      Everyone has to come from somewhere. I’d recon that a comparison of Gaelic and Basque might well be in order.

      “There are more things in Heaven, and on Earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”…

      Nice words… thoughtful and prescient. But then, most of his works reflect the thinking of even the average man in the days before we all became so connected, wired, and plugged into eachother.

      There was a time when men and women dwelt on mysteries and pondered the where, why, and what, rather than texting and googling and glazing over their eyes and searing their brains with soul-numbing technology and ambient noise. But I digress…..

      I hope that I will live to see the day that our alledgedly learned teachers and proessorial class will realize that ancient man was no different than we are today, he just lived in an analog time. It took him longer to do things. He had different solutions.


  3. Idea for a new poll!
    Why don’t we ask how many believe in god, multiple gods, no god, don’t know, that kind of thing. Sure will have some interesting feedback!

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