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Thanks to all those who have lent some support to Loren Coleman – Loren says he has been blown away by the good will out there. How inexpensive it can be to make a difference (and in a perversely selfish way, it makes you feel damn good too)…

  • It’s a deluge of Space Probe eye candy – New Horizons spots a volcanic eruption on Jupiter’s moon Io, Cassini takes a wonderful top-down shot of Saturn and its rings (also check out this video of Cassini’s orbit), and STEREO takes a wide look at our Sun. So many little pieces of hardware shooting around the solar system at the moment…
  • And keep an eye into space yourself, for this weekend’s lunar eclipse (though Australia and much of the US will miss out).
  • Stephen Hawking set for zero-gravity flight.
  • Flare-dumping pilot debunks Phoenix Lights ufo case.
  • Aliens saved me from addiction, says rock singer. Okay, so now I can see why people think we’re sensationalising stories here on TDG. But, according to former Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder, it’s all true.
  • DARPA’s amazing ultrasonic cloaking device. Is that the title of a Roald Dahl book?
  • And you can only imagine what they might do with this: new nanocoating reflects virtually no light.
  • Chinese scientists tell pigeon where to fly by remote control. They abandoned trials on ducks, after they told one to go to Peking.
  • New study may rewrite brain science, with evidence that nerve cells communicate along their entire length, not just at the synapses.
  • Evolving robot intelligence.
  • Pre-Inca solar observatory is the oldest in the Americas.
  • Cemetery of headless skeletons holds to Polynesian origins.
  • Tarot cards contribute to $6.8million lotto win.
  • Extremist rabbis aim to renew animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount. Let’s just hope they aren’t influenced too much by that bit of the Bible where Abraham is tested…
  • Scientists probe hole in the Earth.
  • The power of Yellowstone has been underestimated.
  • New documentary tells the story of the Glastonbury music festival.
  • At least 20 new species of sharks and rays have been discovered at markets in Indonesia.
  • New material is the thinnest ever manufactured, at one atom thick. Giving new meaning to the word ‘sheer’.
  • Scientists store data on DNA of bacteria, successfully encoding “e= mc2 1905!” – Einstein’s theory of relativity and the year he enunciated it – on the common soil bacteria, Bacillius subtilis.
  • An old favourite enters the computer age – put your orders in for a USB Absinthe spoon.

Quote of the Day:

For it is in giving that we receive.

Saint Francis of Assisi