News Briefs 01-03-2007

I just spilt a full cup of coffee all over everything while doing the news. If you can’t sleep tonight, it’s because you read too much on TDG today…

Quote of the Day:

Time has been annihilated…your dream began inside of eternity, you did not pass into it.

John Uri Lloyd (from ‘Etidorhpa‘)

  1. vitamins and death
    Often the news people report that if you do X, Y, or Z, then your probablity of death will be higher or lower.

    Does anyone here know how that is measured? It seems obvious that your probability of death is pretty close to 100%

    Seriously, does anyone know how this is measured ?
    I could go and look it up, but i’m lazy today 🙂

    Pray to God, but keep rowing to shore (Russian proverb)

  2. Global Warming Fuels Stronger Atlantic Hurricanes
    I’m still waiting for those devastating hurricanes the “climate experts” predicted for last fall to show up. Hell, I’d settle for a reasonably accurate weather forecast for this coming weekend. Maybe Al Gore’s, and Hollywood’s, carbon footprint should be factored in.

    1. Oregon, and Washington State
      In the first week of November of 06 we were hit by a hurricane, it was not named, because there is no mechanism to do so this far north.. Since then there have been 4-5 storms with tropical storm strenght winds, heavy rain/snow. But a hurricane! Wow. And last year Brazil was hit by a hurricane for the first time ever! That is the Ocean water warming up along the northwestern Pacific Ocean. They last 2 breeding seasons for several seabirds has ended in no almost no nesting=young. Why? Their food was not to be found, because of temperature change, driving some species of fish to disappear from normal habit.

      I agree with you about weather prediction. Might as well just wake up in the morning and see what the day brings. Even the night before they can’t get it right.

      1. F3 Tornadoes hit across the southeast
        Yesterday was rough, to say the least. Having lived through a F5 I can attest to the strength and speed. Many deaths and much destruction occured not just in one area but many. The effect of this massive weather front also brought in freak snow storms and hail the size of golf balls. Love, Pam —————————–Truth is stranger than fiction.

    2. El Nino
      2006 was expected to be a bigger year than 2005 for hurricanes, but then El Nino came. This altered the sea temperatures in the Caribbean, making hurricanes less fierce, but global warming continued everywhere else on the globe. There is a world outside America you know.

      Al Gore is still right. Right-wingers must be smarting from the fact that he won an Oscar.

      1. Oscar
        Winning an Oscar award makes Al Gore correct on the science ??

        Lee that is plain silly, and you know it.

        Meanwhile in my neighborhood, we had the coldest February in 28 years, and although it is March, it hasn’t stopped. It is just winter, a little on the cold side for sure.

        Pray to God, but keep rowing to shore (Russian proverb)

          1. can someone verify?
            Just to clarify it for everyone: even though I sometimes argue with EnigmiFreak, Ron has never claimed (to my knowledge) that he won an Oscar.

            Tell that to Al Gore.

            Pray to God, but keep rowing to shore (Russian proverb)

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