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Over at UFO Mystic Nick Redfern has pointed out an interesting indie film worth checking out, which tells the story of four young people abducted by aliens. The film, by Texas film-maker Fredrick Wolcott, is titled Beings:

Beings is an intense, roller-coaster of a ride that follows the horrific experiences of four people who are abducted by alien creatures, and are subsequently subjected to a whole range of bizarre medical experiments. The movie takes an interesting approach and presents itself as much from the alien perspective as it does from that of the victims; and Wolcott skillfully creates an air of tension, drama, and menace that remains throughout.

It must be stressed that Beings is not for the faint-hearted; not is it a movie for those that see alien abductions as a phenomenon that is of benefit to the human race. In his movie, Wolcott pulls no punches and takes the viewer into a dark, and truly alien world of nightmarish proportions.

You can find out more about the movie at the official website (linked above), or from the Myspace page, which includes a pretty damn scary preview film. Has a bit of a Pi or Blair Witch vibe, so I look forward to seeing the full film at some stage.