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A strange assortment to get you through the week…

  • Andrew Gough and Corjan de Raaf investigate the 600 lb gorilla in the Rennes le Chateau mystery. Great article, check it out all you RlC fans.
  • If that wasn’t enough for you, Ben Hammott takes you (very) up close and personal with the “Fleury Tableau” in Sauniere’s church.
  • And just to prove good things come in threes, the Société Périllos have part two of their series “Forgotten Secrets of the Church of RlC” – the latest is titled “Rotten blue apples and Visigothic pillars” (Part One is here).
  • Binnall of America Audio is back – the latest interview is with the founder of the Black Vault, John Greenewald (available as mp3/podcast download, or via streaming Flash player).
  • GizaPlateau.com have images from the ‘Tomb of Osiris‘ at Giza (also known as the ‘water shaft‘). Higher res versions available as a download from their forums.
  • UFO Casebook #241 is now online.
  • The latest Nearthwort Obtain podcast is with Richard Stallman, founder of the free software movement.
  • Filip Coppens takes a closer look at Jan Van Eyck: a painting heretic?
  • Dr Dean Radin responds to more skeptical book reviews about his parapsychology research (with a good response in the comments as well).
  • Skeptic Randi’s latest newsletter goes after the usual suspect.